TITANIUM: Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets

Using Big Data to combat Cybercrime and Terrorism on the Dark and Surface Web

What can big data analytics do to help combat cybercrime?

We are delighted to announce that TITANIUM will collaborate with other H2020 projects, DANTE and ASGARD to provide an overview of the current initiatives and state of the art in research on combating IOCT (Internet Organized Crime and Terrorism) using big data analytics techniques at this year’s Big data Value Forum. Visit the conference website and the session description page.

Adopting a data-driven approach, analysing data from dark web, virtual currencies, and seized devices the three-research project will be able to provide an interesting and original perspective on the use of big data.

In most cases big data has been applied to ‘usual suspect’ domains like health, mobility, logistics, and other domains. However, the application of data analytics on a larger or complex scale can help to combat cybercrime and this may open opportunities for new and unexpected connections.

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