TITANIUM: Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets

TITANIUM Training Plan

The TITANIUM training program aims to centralize global efforts into one single, well-established and internationally-recognized program, with the view to become the de-facto training for investigators in Darknet and Cryptocurrencies investigations throughout Europe.

Training program delivery plan

The courses will be tailored for both future instructors and law enforcement officers and will consist of two parts:

  • the background session – giving a basic insight into virtual currencies and the dark web
  • the practical session – which is where TITANIUM tools will play a role in catch-the-flag, scenario-based activities

The 'train-the-trainer' course

This course will ultimately assist cyber/digital investigators in becoming confident and effective instructors and to subsequently become certified to deliver TITANIUM courses.

The trainees at hand will come to understand which training methods to use for which objectives; how to prepare a training session; and the specifics of adult learning styles.

Training law enforcement officers

In terms of training law enforcement officers on TITANIUM tools, the background courses will focus on giving these officers a better understanding of the dark web, money flows, and virtual currencies – and how to monitor these.

The practical sessions will then take a look at how to frame in investigation, by asking questions about data analysis, as well as how to choose the appropriate tools and apply them to the relevant data.

Officers will then be trained in how to interpret the report analysis results and use TITANIUM tools to export these results and import them into a proprietary tool.

Training for Developers, Administrators and Superusers

The training plan for Developers, Administrators and Superusers will focus on the installation of TITANIUM tools on their systems, both hardware and software, as well as deploying and maintaining them. The understanding of interactions and communications between TITANIUM tools will be part of this training, as well as the development of additional modules and communication channels for seamless integration of TITANIUM tools into the workflow.

The TITANIUM EU-centralized training programme will cover many different aspects of digital currency and Cyber Deception, as well as how to prevent illegal actions: from either professional trainer, law enforcement, or administrator perspectives

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