TITANIUM: Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets

TITANIUM tool dence blockchain investigator

Dresden, Germany (14th June 2019)

Law enforcement challenge

Virtual cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin gain a rapid growth in popularity. A major driver behind virtual currencies is the blockchain, a distributed shared public ledger recording every issued transaction of every participant. Analysing and structuring the vast amount of stored transactions introduces new challenges in criminal investigations.

The dence blockchain investigator provides an intuitive interface to the exploration of blockchain data by implementing different types of views (tabular and graphical views, custom filters, ...). This improves the speed in understanding the chain of actions in criminal payments as well as relations between different transactions dramatically.

Users can add and share annotations based on observations, tests or case data. Case data is managed on the local device and never leaves the control of the user. However, on the users own request, data can be shared with other tools (e.g., other TITANIUM tools) or users (CSV export). In order to avoid leakage of inside knowledge of a crime, the tool can be operated in high-security mode using a fully isolated, offline PC and updates can be installed according to institutional policies.

The product dence blockchain investigator

dence blockchain investigator is a software tool for investigators and analysts to access and search all data of the Bitcoin blockchain. It can operate under strict forensic security setting on a single PC without leaking any information to 3rd parties. All queries can be processed locally on a PC and no data needs to be shared with dence. It can also operate under less security settings by fetching required blockchain data on demand only, without the need to store a complete blockchain. The most important features include:

Search by address, transaction, entity, annotation and prefix
Free blockchain search by range of dates, amount and address
Search results intuitive tabular and graphical presentation, custom filtering, explore data graphically
Annotation support users can annotate and share their annotations with other users and other TITANIUM tools
API support direct access to blockchain data via API enabling data-driven statistical analytics
Export results table (CSV), graphics (PNG, SVG) and single records
Updates offline updates, updates per block
Supported languages software and professional support in German and English (other languages can be integrated on request)

A screenshot of the user interface together with descriptions of selected elements is depicted in the following picture:

Screenshot dence blockchain investigator user interface

The tool aims to enable virtual currency investigations in high and low profile cases. It facilitates tracing of transactions, eliminating financial or operational barriers. dence provides professional investigative support together with its tooling.

How can dence blockchain investigator and TITANIUM help?

dence blockchain investigator is part of dence tooling to make blockchain data accessible. It is also available as part of a training environment to enable the user direct blockchain interaction and observation of events. Special excercises allow the user to understand how criminals operate. Within the TITANIUM project, new features are implemented to improve data sharing and analytical capabilities.

For more information about dence blockchain investigator, please contact us.