TITANIUM: Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets


Lyon (30 April 2020)

The final TITANIUM training event has been organized and held, but in a different way than anticipated. While originally the event was scheduled as a face-to-face classroom setting in the first week of April, obviously that was not possible. Instead, an online version of the training was organized. Interpol kindly made their Learning Management System available where all training materials have been uploaded. Instead of presentations, the trainers created screencasts showing how the TITANIUM tools work, with a voice-over from the trainer.

The following TITANIUM tools were covered in the training:

  • GraphSense: analysing virtual currency transactions
  • Blockchain Investigator: analysing virtual currency transactions
  • Cointel: a complementary analysis tool for virtual currency transactions/li>
  • Wallet Investigator: analysing data from seized mobile devices for virtual currency wallet traces
  • Deception Director: uncovering identity data using honeypot and other techniques
  • Dark Web Monitor: Strategic dark web overview, operational support on infrastructures
  • Ephemeral Monitor: Analytics on Dark Markets operators and vendors
  • Kriptosare: a machine learning toolbox to support your analyses

To allow the participants to practice with the functionalities of the tools, a series of challenging exercises was defined. A ‘Capture the Flag’ platform was put in place to add some competition to the exercises. Around 60 participants from Law Enforcement Agencies all over Europe (17 countries in total) participated in the training.

Each training day was concluded with an online wrap-up meeting where questions could be asked, comments shared and potential issues could be resolved. (Because, the platforms had to be put into place rather quickly, so we have had some Murphy’s Law instantiations in place). Although the formal training evaluation has to be concluded (surveys have been distributed but not all replies have been received and analysed yet), judging by the number of requests from participants for further evaluation of the tools, these results from the TITANIUM project have proven to be both highly relevant and interesting for Law Enforcement Officers.

Law enforcement organisations from Interpol member states can access the training material by contacting cntl@interpol.int