TITANIUM: Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets

Hackathon and Dissemination Meeting held in Soesterberg

Soesterberg (27 March 2018)

From March 27 to 28, 2018, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) hosted two TITANIUM meetings in Soesterberg, Netherlands. The first part of the meeting was a so-called Hackathon, designed to bring together the technical project partners for joint work on the TITANIUM tools. Accordingly, representatives from AIT, Coblue Cybersecurity, Counter Craft, dence GmbH, Innsbruck University, TNO, University College London and Vicomtech attended this meeting. As the Associated Stakeholders Group manager, BKA also participated to learn more about the intended tools and to be able to directly talk to the technicians and IT-experts about possible tool features and police requirements. Legal advice was provided by KIT. Furthermore, representatives from INTERPOL, the Police of Finland and Trilateral Research met for the second part of the meeting, where they discussed the project’s dissemination.

During the Hackathon, the technical project partners focused on different aspects of tool development and made significant progress through the opportunity of personal exchange. At the end of both meeting days, the participants presented their results and had the chance to express their views in a concluding panel. In this way, the meeting covered the individual work packages and was interdisciplinary at the same time.

Because the tool development must be realized in line with police requirements, the tools will be improved in further Hackathon-meetings, using a generic use-case approach – elements of usual darknet investigations will help the technicians to understand police methods and tactics. The aim is to reach a certain technical readiness level in order to have the tools tested by operative police investigators during two field lab phases in police organisations in Austria, Finland, Germany and Spain. The first field lab tests will start at the end of 2018.