TITANIUM: Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets

TITANIUM tool dence wallet investigator

Dresden, Germany (21st June 2019)

Law enforcement challenge

Virtual currency assets like Bitcoin can be managed with different wallet solutions. Wallets typically store private and public key pairs for securely handling virtual currency assets, together with personal addresses and historic transaction information. For example, wallets typically save information about received and spent virtual currencies, transactions, exchange rates, activity timestamps and labels (annotations) about the use or owner of addresses and transactions. Investigators and normal users need tools to access and evaluate the stored data.

The product dence wallet investigator

The dence wallet investigator is developed in the EU-project Titanium to analyze traces left by wallet software. The tool focuses on desktop and mobile wallets. Results are summarized in a short report. An automatic checkup based on blockchain data detects issued/triggered transactions and determines the history of activities. Selected wallets can be decrypted either using a known password or, if the password is unknown, using brute-force search strategies. The most important features include:

Analysis of wallet traces, wallet.dat and mnemonic seed
Encryption support readout with known password, brute-force search strategies
Blockchain access correlation with public blockchain data, activity detection, detect external transactions and multi-wallet scenarios
Export results HTML report, table (CSV), automatic annotations
Supported languages software and professional support in German and English (other languages can be integrated on request)

The tool aims to enable virtual currency investigations in high and low profile cases. It facilitates data extraction and analysis, eliminating financial or operational barriers. dence provides professional investigative support together with its tooling.

How can dence wallet investigator and TITANIUM help?

dence wallet investigator is part of dence tooling to make blockchain data and artefacts accessible. It is also available as part of a training environment to enable the user direct wallet interaction and observation of left artefacts. Special excercises allow the user to understand how criminals operate. The tool dence wallet investigator is developed from scratch within the TITANIUM project.

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